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The Complete Rose Color Meanings Guide

Let the flowers do the talking and discover the meaning behind the 12 colors of roses and their significance

By Esther

Now that you know the meaning behind the number of roses let’s discuss what each color signifies and how to choose the perfect rose color based on its meaning. 

White Roses

White roses are often used during weddings as they are often linked with new beginnings. But due to their simplicity, they are also associated with remembrance. The white rose is perfect to give respect to a loved one for new beginnings or even to say farewell. 

Ivory Roses

These roses look quite similar to off-white but with a slightly darker shade. Due to their soothing color they are often used for calming effects. This color signifies charm and it can be gifted to people who like to live in style. If you want to show care to someone without romance then this is the color. 

Yellow Roses

There was a time when this color was linked with greed and jealousy but now its shows care and friendship. When you give someone a yellow flower you show warmth and delight. These are also used to appreciate the presence of others in your life. 

Red Roses

Due to the color these are considered romantic flowers and are given to special ones when you want to say I Love You. These are normally exchanged on Valentine’s Day to express love and admiration. 

“While every flower has a wonderful story to tell, the rose stands alone in its abundant history and color meaning.”

Green Roses

This color shows fertility and harmony. These are seen during the spring season and are a sign of new birth and peace. If you want to wish someone the best in their lives just give them green roses. 

Blue Roses

This color shows illusion and mystery due to its unusual color. This color is also used to show lust and desire. 

Black Color

This color is specifically used during Halloween. It shows the termination of an idea or a relationship. if you are giving someone black roses that means that you are ending your relationship with them. 

Multicolor Roses

These are also called Rainbow gifts and are used to show joy and happiness. The bright colors convey fun and joy and are given on birthdays and the arrival of a new baby. 

Mixed Rose Colors

It is the best way to convey multiple messages at a time. if you are mixing green and pink roses you are sending a message of peace and harmony which is a great gesture to show. If you are mixing ivory and red roses it means tasteful and also intense love. 

Peach Roses

These amazing roses are used to say thanks. These are often used during business arrangements and are often linked with loyalty. Due to their warm color these are considered a sweet surprise. 

Orange Roses

Due to their color these roses are considered wild. These depict pride and fascination. Orange roses are perfect when you want to show joy or excitement. 

Pink Roses

These are the perfect roses if you want to show your appreciation and admiration. They are gentle and can convey the message instantly. Pink roses always stand out from the crowd and help to make a good impression. 

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