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What is the Flower for Aquarius?

Aquarius’ Zodiac Flowers: Air Sign

♒ Aquarius (Water Bearer/水瓶座): January 20–February 18

In the choice of flowers, Aquarians often stand apart from others, just like their overall personality. Out of the twelve zodiacs, Aquarius is one of the most creative zodiacs that tend to escape whatever usual is there in search of something unusual and adventurous.

Hence, an ordinary sunflower or rose is not enough to impress an Aquarian. The flowers that depict a true Aquarian from each aspect are unique, colorful, and funky, exactly like them.

If you search for the best zodiac flowers of Aquarius, you have come to the right place. We have noted below the top five Aquarius zodiac flowers. So, without wasting any more time, continue reading.

Official Aquarius’s Flowers: Orchid

Orchid is the first flower that comes to mind while talking about the birth flower of Aquarius. This flower, full of unique, vibrant colors and petals, represents a true Aquarius from every aspect. Surprisingly, Orchid does not come in bouquets. Instead, it signifies an Aquarius, full of individualism, self-esteem, and strength.

Orchid is a luxurious flower, just like an Aquarian. If you know an Aquarius, it is not unknown how heartfelt and intense a lover an Aquarius can be. They know how to love with full passion. On the other hand, the Orchid is known as a flower of intimacy and fertility. Hence, we can relate this flower with the personality of a true Aquarius.

The vibrant and luxurious colors and patterns of the flower are inducing and pretty unique than other flowers. It signifies the way an Aquarius stands apart from the other zodiacs. If you are an Aquarius, you must have something unusual in your appearance that makes you different and unique from others, like an Orchid. So, if you want to thank an Aquarius or you are an Aquarius, shop for some colorful fresh Orchids to cheer yourself up.


This purple flower is the second birth flower of the air-signed Aquarius. Commonly found in purple, viola never fails to describe an Aquarius spiritually. This specific flower is connected with moral wisdom and profoundness. You can find these common traits in an Aquarian as well. Noticeably, this flower comes in other different shades as well as depicts distinct personalities of an Aquarian.

If you know an Aquarian, you must know how cool and funky they can be. They always go with the flow without thinking about the consequences. Aquarians do not think twice before making a decision. They always listen to their hearts and follow their passions. As a result, sometimes they face danger where most of the time they accumulate new adventures and lots of new positive energies. This special trait of an Aquarian makes them one of the most quirky yet courageous and spirited among all twelve zodiacs.


Another Aquarius birth flower is Freesia. This flower comes in a bunch of colors, including almost all the colors of the rainbow. The variety of colors illustrates faith as one of the most appreciated personality traits presented in an Aquarius.

If you have an Aquarius in your life, you are probably one of the luckiest people in the world. You can share your secrets with the Aquarian of your life without the fear of getting judged. They are a good listener as well as try to give good advice. When it comes to trust, they are the most faithful companion you can ask for. Whatever the situation is, an Aquarian would never spell out a single secret of yours. Similarly, they expect you to do the same. So, if you are thinking to gift something to your faithful companion, go for Freesia closing your eyes.


Verbena is a lovely flower that grows in a bunch from a thin branch of the main tree. This beautiful flower comes in few different shades, mostly in pink and purple. Like a Verbena, an Aquarian is also a storehouse of creative thoughts and quirky ideas.

As discussed earlier, Aquarians are full of energy to explore something new. They never get afraid of adversities and deal with problems like a pro. Nothing can stop Aquarians from reaching their goals. On the other hand, like Verbena, they are full of creativity. Their thinking about specific perspectives is completely different from others.

Most of the time, their born creativity leads them to be artists, photographers, and writers in the future. Aquarians, in a word, are a source of unstoppable creativeness. Hence, this versatile flower Verbena is a perfect birth flower for all the versatile Aquarius out there.


This subtle pearly flower is indeed a perfect match for the delicate zodiac, Aquarius. The pure white hue is a symbol of compassion and kind heart that is often seen in an Aquarian. You can find a kind, empathetic soul inside the funky outer shell of an Aquarian. Without assessing your social status, an Aquarian will always stand by your side in your crisis.

On the other hand, the droopy petals of Snowdrop symbolize endorsement and mercy. If you know an Aquarius, you might have noticed a powerful presence of these traits in them. They know the right way to accept reality and always go with the flow.

Although they get upset with someone, they can easily forgive them. Not only for humans, but Aquarians also have a kind heart for animals. For instance, if you notice someone protesting on the roadside, feeding poor animals, they are most likely to be an Aquarius. Just like the flower Snowdrop, Aquarius is full of passion, acceptance, and kind heart. So, gifting your Aquarian friend a beautiful white Snowdrop bouquet is a perfect idea if you want to complement their kind nature.


These were the five birth flowers that always complement a genuine water-bearer Aquarius. To boost the playful, kind, funky, and strong nature of an Aquarius, these flowers mentioned above play a massive role. So, if you are an Aquarian, do not think twice before gifting these flowers to yourself. Remember, you are a pure soul the way you are. So, go with the flow and celebrate the real meaning of life.

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