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Weekly Flower Subscription Singapore


Enjoy market-fresh flowers delivered to you with our weekly/bi-weekly flower subscription.

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How Does it Work??

NOBLE FLORIST subscription is a delivery service that guarantees weekly, monthly, or annual delivery of fresh-cut flowers and foliage. The package includes instructions that allow you to create your own floral arrangement of the best seasonal blooms.
Delivery fee on first delivery is applied, and on the next deliveries, charges are applied before delivery. Enjoy great deals and discounts on subscriptions. This is our way of showing our appreciation to our subscribers.

Our subscription account is easy to manage. All you need to do is to login using your username and password. It is also fully customizable, allowing you to change your delivery schedule, plan, receiving address, payment details, and name of the recipient. You can even opt for a reschedule or choose to skip a delivery. Subscription can be canceled, too, anytime you want.

We appreciate it if you will contact us about your change of plan ahead of time. It will help us reduce flower wastage to guarantee high-quality flower delivery.


All our team members are helpful and go beyond expectations with customer service and ideas associated with flowers​.

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What is in a Subscription Box?

Each subscription box contains fresh-cut flowers and foliage in a beautiful variety. 

  • Featured flower (local and seasonal) depending on the season
  • Filler flowers, mostly 1-3 varieties of smaller flowers
  • Featured foliage or greenery depending on the season
  • Featured theme for the week or month
  • A list of flowers and foliage is included in the subscription box
  • Flower food
  • A love letter or special message
  • Some occasional surprise gifts for you to enjoy your subscriptions uniquely. Our floral gifts may vary depending on available flowers. Moreover, we guarantee freshness and quality in every box.


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What type of flowers will I be receiving?

Noble Florist delivers only the freshest flowers for your subscriptions. We pick your flowers carefully to ensure that you get the best delivery:

  • We have direct access to a huge network of local suppliers and flower farmers in the country, most of the farms are family-run for decades. 
  • We have direct access to international suppliers.
  • We get the most excellent flowers from the entire produce season after season. 
  • We provide only the pieces of flowers that you need and want for your own floral arrangement, and that means no unnecessary blooms, no fancy accessories, and no pre-arranged bouquets.
  • We provide rare and unique pieces of flowers that will meet your interests. We know that you love to discover new blooms and also enjoy the old classic beauties. 
  • We provide the best flowers in each box properly labeled to inform you. It also comes with clear instructions on how to take care of them and keep them fresh longer. 

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FAQ on Noble Florist Flower Subscription:

How long do the flowers last?

Noble Florist provides only the best varieties of flowers freshly cut and delivered within hours after picking them from the farm. We guarantee that the flowers are good enough to last longer. We also match each delivery box with instructions on how to take care of your flowers to keep them fresher longer. 

We carefully pick your flowers, selecting those that will tend to endure longer shelf life and vase life. While some varieties bloom faster than expected, other varieties take time to bloom, allowing you to witness their maximum beauty.

Why do my flowers look pressed and squashed?

Noble Florist ensures that the bunch of flowers is tightly packed and boxed to protect against friction while on transportation and delivery. When the package arrives, the flowers look pressed and squashed, but they will soon plump and bounce to their beautiful blooms. You can also give them a fresh drink as per instruction.

What if I am not happy with the subscription box?

Our goal is to make you happy and satisfied with each subscription delivery. In case you are not happy with the flowers delivered to you, feel free to contact us within 24 hours after receiving the box. We assure you of a quick response.

What if I have an allergy to flowers, can you make a way to accommodate me?

We have the right solution and the best varieties of hypoallergenic flowers to deliver to you. 

Moreover, we request that you discuss with us your condition so that we know if pollens and flowers will put your life at risk. If we believe that our flowers will cause a serious threat to your health, we may decide on skipping your delivery and declining your order. Be assured that we will reach you to inform you about it.

What if I don’t like a particular flower variety, can you exclude that from the delivery?

Noble Florist is proud to announce that each subscription is customizable. You can easily customize the delivery through your account and we promise to do our best to make you happy. Let us know ahead of time before your scheduled delivery and we are happy to accommodate your requests.

What is the right thing to do with the delivery if I have pets at home?

We understand that most domesticated pets and animals are allergic to different types of flowers and foliage. Inform us upon signup so that we will take precautionary measures and keep the delivery safe for your pets. 

Do the flowers come with a vase?

Our Noble Florist subscription box comes with easy-to-follow instructions. However, our box DOES NOT include the following:

  • A flower vase or any container
  • Scissors or flower shears
  • Rubber bands or flower wire

In case the use of specific items is necessary for the floral arrangement as per our tutorial, we may include them in the box. Moreover, we have a huge collection of accessories and supplies available at the store, and you can easily include them in your orders through your account.

FAQ on Noble Florist Shipping and Delivery

When does subscription delivery arrive?

Your first Noble Florist subscription box arrives on Tuesday following the week of initial sign-up. The succeeding deliveries of your subscription happen every Tuesday. In case you selected a specific day for your delivery, we take note of that, giving you the assurance that your flowers arrive on time.

Most of our subscription boxes are delivered every Tuesday, including our limited edition boxes and single flower bunches. However, we accommodate special requests on delivery and shipping. Talk to us and let us know your requests by sending us an email here:

Why do you make deliveries on Tuesday?

We do subscription box deliveries every Tuesday because we want to give you only the freshest blooms. With our beautiful flowers that are freshly picked from the farm, you are sure to enjoy the blooms throughout the weekend and in the following week. 

How can I track the delivery of my subscription box?

Upon signup, your delivery address and contact details are automatically added to our records. We provide updates of the delivery to help you in tracking your box. You may also want to send us messages and emails for more updates. 

How much does the shipping cost?

All our subscription deliveries are free of delivery cost.

Do you deliver nationwide?

Noble Florist aims to provide high-quality delivery services at all times. To prevent flowers from wilting, we only do delivery to areas within our reach. Call us or browse our website for complete details.

Do you deliver worldwide?

We deliver and ship our boxes within Singapore only.

Can I request a specific time for my subscription delivery?

We do our subscription deliveries early in the morning every Tuesday to Singapore. We do it to ensure that the flowers are not exposed to the heat of the mid-day sun. With a small amount of water, you can even leave the flowers in the vase for an hour or two until you find time to arrange them. In case you want the delivery at a specific time, feel free to contact us and inform us about the request.

Moreover, our subscription deliveries are carefully packed. The box we use is made from recyclable materials, thus it keeps the flowers fresh and protected against heat, strong wind, and pollution. In case you can’t attend to the delivery right away, there is no need to worry because the flowers are safe in the box for up to 12 hours.   

What to do if the box did not arrive?

In case the box did not arrive, inform us right away. You can call us or send us an email, and we assure you of a quick response.

Can I request the delivery to my work instead?

We highly recommend that you inform us ahead of time, in case no one is available to receive the box at your delivery address. You can modify the delivery address through your account if you want the subscription box delivered to your work or to a friend or relative’s address.

 We also urge you to include special instructions for the delivery man in your account as you place your orders. If no one is around to receive the box, let us know where you want us to put the box.

FAQ on My Noble Florist Subscription Account

  • How to log in and manage my Noble Florist account?

You can easily log in to your account at the homepage. Fill the login field with the username and password you used when you signed up.

  • How to change my delivery address?

If you want to change your delivery address, simply login to your account, and under My Account, change the details. Make sure that you provide the complete and correct details and that you do the changes by Sunday before the next delivery.

  • How to pause or skip a delivery?

If you are going on a vacation, you can choose to pause or skip a subscription delivery. Log in to your account and make the necessary changes to the delivery date.

Noble Florist also encourages subscribers to send the box to a family, friend, or special person as a gift instead. If you agree to such a thoughtful gesture, let us know ahead of the delivery date or by Sunday prior to the date of delivery. 

  • What is the cutoff time for a skip or cancel a delivery?

Cancellation of delivery or skipping a delivery can be done anytime you want. If this is for the next delivery, make sure that you input the request by Sunday prior to the next delivery date.

  • What to do if the delivery is late?

If the delivery comes late than expected time or day, do not hesitate to let us know. Contact us through our email:

  • How to cancel my subscription?

It may not be positive news for us, but cancellation of the subscription is possible. Simply log in to your account and cancel the subscription. 

Take note that the cancellation should be done by Sunday prior to the next delivery date.

FAQ on Noble Florist Subscription as Gift

  • How can I send my subscription box as a gift?

The purpose of our subscription box is to offer high-quality floral gifts to you or to your loved one. You can send the box quarterly, semi-annually, or annually to someone. Simply log in to your account and key in the details.

  • Will the recipient get notified about the gift?

It is your choice if you want to notify the recipient before the delivery arrives or make it a special surprise. You can leave the recipient’s email address blank if you want the gift to arrive as a surprise. You can leave a special message to the recipient, too.

However, informing the recipient about it will allow her to sign up and manage her own account. This way she can choose a delivery date or time she prefers.

  • How to make an advance order for a gift subscription?

Placing your order in advance for a gift subscription is possible. Simply choose from the next 4 delivery dates, Tuesday of every week, and specify your preferred time. If you want the box delivered otherwise, contact us right away through our email or contact numbers. 


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