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The Complete Rose Number Meaning Guide

Let the flowers do the talking and discover the meaning behind the number of roses and their significance

By Esther

Flowers have different meanings and these meanings are not only limited or specific to rose color but numbers as well. In this blog, I will let you know about the meanings associated with rose numbers. 

So let’s dive into the blog!!

Roses Meaning from 1-100

1 Rose: Single rose is considered very special. It is often given to the special person you love and indicates true and long-lasting love. 

2 Roses: Two roses show deep and pure love. 

3 Roses: Want to say “I Love You” in a special way? Then 3 Roses are the perfect way of saying it. 

4 Roses: The best way of telling your partner that you two are inseparable and nothing can come between you. 

5 Roses: This is a perfect way of telling your romantic partner or best friend that how much you care for them. 

6 Roses: If you are seeing someone but too shy to express your feelings that 6 roses are the solution. It is the perfect way of telling that you want to be with the other person. 

7 Roses: Symbolize obsession/infatuation 

8 Roses: If loved ones are going through a rough phase in their life, 8 roses are perfect to show your support. 

9 Roses: Often given to the person you want to spend your life with. Nine roses show a long-lasting and eternal feeling. 

10 Roses: Symbolize perfection. If you want to tell someone that they are perfect without saying anything then 10 roses are the solution. 

11 Roses: You are precious 

12 Roses: Want to propose someone special? 12 Roses are a perfect way. 

13 Roses: This number either shows a secret admirer or a long-lasting friendship. 

14 Roses: If your loved one has achieved something really big and you are proud of him/her then 14 roses are the best gift.

15 Roses: if you have upset someone and now want to apologize then 15 roses can help you out. 

16 Roses: “Bon Voyage”

17 Roses: The perfect gift for your wife on your anniversary or her birthday. 

18 Roses: This quantity shows trueness as well as sincerity. 

19 Roses: If you plan to wait for someone then this is the quantity you should give. 

20 Roses: It shows belief along with sincerity. 

21 Roses: Best to show your true commitment

22 Roses: It boasts two very special meaning i.e. luck and togetherness

23 Roses: Shows Purity of emotions

24 Roses: if you want to tell your special one that you are thinking about her and she is in your mind then this number is the best way of doing it. 

25 Roses: Want to wish someone happiness and joy? 25 Roses are the answer. 

“While you don’t have to be a math whiz to order roses, you may want to know what numbers mean.”

26 Roses: this number shows that you can wait for your romantic partner till the end. 

27 Roses: Express your love for your wife with 27 beautiful roses

30 Roses: This number signifies faithfulness and honesty

33 Roses: It shows a fondness 

36 Roses: One of the best ways to remind your special one of all the happy times both of you spent together. 

37 Roses: Do you love someone deeply? Then tell them about that with a bouquet of 37 Roses

40 Roses: This shows genuine and pure love for someone

44 Roses: If you are up for a constant love then 44 roses are the best way. 

47 Roses: Want to tell someone that he/she is your only true love? Then 47 roses can do that

48 Roses: It shows evergreen love

50 Roses: The number which signifies unconditional love. 

51 Roses: If you are thinking about only 1 person then 51 roses is the perfect way of telling it. 

56 Roses: It means “love”

66 Roses: This number shows unchanged and constant love

77 Roses: It shows faith and only given to your soul mate

88 Roses: If you want to say sorry then given a bouquet of 88 fresh roses

99 Roses: If you want to tell someone that your love for them will only end the day you die, then 99 roses are perfect. 

100 Roses: Shows devotion. 

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